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Working with Evan

Initial consultation will determine whether or not your Invention is a ‘good fit’ for my services.  Being a one-person, one-stop shop for invention development means that I must be selective in the projects I take on.  One 10-minute phone call can take me from ‘not much going on here’ to ‘very busy for the next 6 months’.  Being a one-person shop, that’s how it works.

Your concept will be held in strict confidentiality.  We will initiate the proper protections for your intellectual property, your idea.  Typically, this is done with a ‘PINDA’ document, Proprietary Information Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Also, I am very careful to divulge potential conflicts-of-interest that may exist due to my previous projects and business affiliations.

As further outlined in this website, you will see that my services are deep and broad.  Of particular interest to inventors is my expertise in writing technical content and generating engineering/design drawings for your patent.  I am not a patent attorney; I do not conjure fancy patent language, nor am I a specialist in generating the actual patent drawings with their unique style of annotation. If you’ve studied patents, you know of what I’m describing.  But I can get the technical content and drawings very close to what will be required for your patent application, greatly simplifying the expensive services of the patent attorney.

When I work for you, I almost always devise clever improvements to your invention during the iterative design process.  These improvements are most certainly yours!  You are paying me for my services–the intellectual property and CAD design files that ensue are yours.  I do retain the CAM files, files that generate machine-code for my machines to build your parts.  These files are specific to my machines and manufacturing processes.

Focus Areas Include:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Research
  • Consumer Products
  • Transportation
  • Defense Industries
  • Space Sciences (Pluto!)
  • Heavy Fuel Engines
  • Mechanical Power Transmission
  • Novel Fuel Injection Systems
  • Machine Tool Design and Fabrication
  • Alternative Fuels Systems
  • Hydrogen Combustion Systems
  • Website Design of my Clients’ Products (I did this site.)