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45672_1480810854282_1054129024_31328997_6496388_nThis was ridiculous!  I borrowed a friend’s kayak. Even before I took it to the lake, I had already conjured up a bunch of modifications. I called him on the phone, “hey man, is this kayak sentimental to you?”….he replied, “no, not at all, we haven’t used it in 5 years”….I went on, “are you sure?”…he said, “nope, no biggie”.

That was my green light for modifications!…..MORE LATER…











DSC00980 DSC00986 DSC01098 DSC01812 DSC02138 DSC02142 DSC02143 DSC02151 DSC02154 DSC02162 DSC01787 DSC01795 DSC01797 DSC01801 DSC01806

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