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PaperTowelHolder0538I built a pretty large stamping press and stamped out a bunch of these things!  Necessity is the mother of invention!  All of my paper towel holders in my shop were super cheap, rather cheesy!  You would grab a sheet with one hand (greasy part in the other hand) and yank the whole roll off of the holder. Or it would keep unrolling.

I gave out a BUNCH of these as Christmas gifts to my good friends in 1989.  And I kept some for my own shop.  If you were a good friend of mine back then, you have one of these in your shop!

The picture is of my first border collie, Jazz. In the picture, she has about 2,000 porcupine quills sticking out of her face.  She never did learn to leave ’em alone!  And OF COURSE there was a design variant, the dual-roll toilet paper holder! 🙂


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